The Best Short Film Festivals Around The World

Art imitates life itself. Every single form art is the mirror of life and represents the true essence of it. Movies and film industry has grown huge in recent times as an art form. This is because of the wide availability of modern instruments and techniques to make more compelling and intriguing movies.

Short films have also made its way to the movie world with its strong, short, influencing messages.
It is because of the strength of creativity and uniqueness that short films are celebrated worldwide.

Some of the best short film festivals that offer a chance to movie makers and creative minds to showcase their talent and give a boost to their film career are enlisted below
  • Sundance film festival: Sundance film festival is the largest short film festival of UK held Park City, Utah. The festival boasts a hike of around 50,000 guests every year. The entry fee is about 60$ and it is considered as the most competitive short film festival in the world. The work must be 50 minutes or less, including credits, to qualify for a screening at the Sundance film festival
  • Cannes Film Festival: Cannes Film Festival is held in Cannes, France. It is a worldwide renowned stage and certainly one of the best short film festivals in the world. There is no submission fee for the screening and stakes are laid highly on creativity and talent. The work has to be 15 minutes long or lesser than it for qualifying for the festival.
  • Palm Springs Film Festival: Palm Films Festival is held in Palm Springs, France and makes for an Oscar awards qualifying short film festival of North America. The film length has to be 40 minutes or less in order to qualify for the film festival. The film festival boasts more than 100 academic award-winning works.
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