Compelling Tips On How To Make A Short Film And Where To Submit It

Making a short film is the new passage for struggling or aspiring filmmakers to showcase their skills and talent. If you have always dreamt of making a flourishing career in the film industry, now is the time to get started for an epic journey through the highest of peaks and deepest of valleys. Having a few people, mic and camera would not make you a filmmaker, but the right approach, knowledge, and skills would make you stand out from the rest.

If you want to satisfy your inner director and want to do something big, this blog is for you. In this post, we will be sharing several useful tips on how to make a short film that would you get your work do the talking in the film industry.
  • Find the right People- You do not need people who can say the lines, you need actors who can immerse themselves in the character and convey emotions to the audience. A great actor would draw an audience with his amazing performance. Therefore, take time to choose your people wisely such as sound designers, editors, film composer, cinematographer, etc.
  • Create an Engaging Story- Get a story that can take the audience on a journey. If needed, you can also use silence and music to create a perfect atmosphere. Put some amazing twists and turns that can keep the audience hooked till the end.
  • Compelling cinematic experience- Create a compelling cinematic experience. Make use of the lights, lenses, and camera well so that you are able to do great in favor of your actors and story plot.
  • Submit your work on the right platform- After you have made a great film, it becomes extremely important to submit your work on the right platform where it can get noticed.
IndieFilmShare is the platform where you can submit your work and get constructive feedback from the filmmakers to improve your work. IndieFilmShare aims to promote upcoming artists by providing them a means or a platform to expand their careers in the film and entertainment industry. They strive to help talented filmmakers become the celebrated filmmakers of tomorrow.

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